Defender 90 v8

Larocenter specializes in the restoration of old Land Rover Defenders into modern, trendy dream cars. We disassemble, clean, and repaint parts to completely overhaul the vehicle. The process begins with carefully dismantling the Defender. Every component is inspected, cleaned, and repaired as needed. Then, the body and various components are repainted to the desired color.

Larocenter goes beyond just the exterior. We also upgrade the technical aspects of the Defender. The engine is optimized and equipped with modern performance enhancements. The interior is restored with renewed materials. Larocenter transforms an aging classic into a striking presence on the road.

If you dream of a Land Rover Defender with the charm of the past and contemporary style, Larocenter is where your car dream becomes a reality. Have your old Defender restored into a completely revised version that you've always dreamed of.